Anastasia Harris in tight black leather legging

Anastasia Harris in tight black leather legging

Anastasia Harris is what’s known in England as a “posh girl” meaning that she grew up very upper class. She even currently goes by the tag “posh rebel of the glamour world.” Raised with all the luxuries of the rich, including yachts and ponies, she attended boarding school as a child. This, however, only fueled her rebellious ways, as when you grow up with such luxuries, You tend to want to do the opposite of what’s asked of you. Soon, she was looking for ways to get her body out there for the world to see.


After boarding school, Anastasia first took on a career as a personal trainer. This eventually led to sports modeling. One day, she mistakenly walked into a glamour agency, and was told she’d be perfect for it. Since she already literally had her foot in the door, as well as a body that was perfectly toned to go along with her more than ample bosom (32D), She set off into the world of glamour modeling. Needless to say, with looks like hers, it didn’t take long for her career to take off.


Soon, Anastasia’s gorgeous, naked body was gracing the cover of Page 3, along with a slew of other men’s magazines in the UK including but not limited to Loaded and HeDD. She even does live cam work for Sky TV channel Studio 66. She loves her butt, and claims to have not seen another like it that wasn’t implanted. She loves to party, go to the gym, and have herself a sexy, fun time just about anywhere she goes. She also enjoys sailing, skiing several times a year, and flying. And by that, we mean she can literally pilot an airplane. How many glamour models can say that?


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